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When setting up your own brokerage, there’s a lot to think about and do.  When you join The Broker Hub, we will do all the administration and set up for you, and we’ll also provide you with all the technology and support tools you’ll need.

We support you through the journey of setting up your Brokerage

There is a lot to think about when setting up your own brokerage. Registering your brokerage at company’s house, accountants, setting up domain names, email addresses, building your website, social media, insurance, phones, IT, joining organisations such as the NACFB, FLA or FIBA and deciding if you want or need to become fully regulated going through the FCA application process. Are just a handful of the items needed to get yourself up and running.  All of which takes time and money.

When you join The Broker Hub – we’ll take care of all the administrative and operational tasks for you, giving you the time and energy to focus on delivering new business.

Registering and Setting Up your Business

Getting your administration in good order is paramount.

Firstly, you need to decide the name of your business. We’ll take your preferred choices and check that the names are not already registered within company’s house.

Once we are sure there isn’t a conflict with any names, we will register the business for you. It costs approx. £40 to register with Companies House, and this cost is covered in your monthly service fee which is initially paid for by The Broker Hub.

Website and Domain Names

Whilst we are checking the company’s name availability, our marketing team will be searching for the availability as a domain name. As the name is confirmed the marketing team will secure and purchase the domain names on your behalf. The cost of domain names varies due to popularity but ranges from £1 to £30 per name per annum. This cost is covered in your monthly service fee.

With domain names secured, email addresses can be built. This service will be arranged by The Broker Hubs IT and Marketing team. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Brand and Social Media

Once you have decided the name of your company, you will work with The Broker Hubs in-house marketing team to design and create your logo and brand.

They will hold your hand as you decide upon fonts, colours and tone of voice for your new business. The marketing team will then build your social channels and assist in creating content and features for you to share with your new followers.

Technology Services

The Broker Hubs service means we will source your laptop, have Microsoft 365 and all spam protection installed ready for you to hit the ground running.

Whilst we don’t provide mobile phones (we are expecting you’ll already have your own phone and number you’ll want to carry into your new business) we do provide a digital landline number via ZoomPhone. Which means your prospects and customers can use the number to contact you also.

All ongoing maintenance and fees for Microsoft licences, telephones and equipment are also covered within your monthly fees.

Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM)

Tracking your business prospects and leads in an easy and accessible way will allow your business to manage and nurture leads. At The Broker Hub we provide a tailor-made version of Hubspot which has been bespoke designed and built with Broker needs at its core.

The cost of your Hubspot licence is included in your monthly fees.


As your brokerage grows and you start to employ new members of staff, The Broker Hub will support you with all your HR needs. We have undertaken the services of Bright HR one of the UK’s leading online HR providers. Making HR a bit of a doddle.

FCA Application

If you wish to apply for FCA approval, then we are here to support you through that process. The Broker Hub team will walk you through and assist with your application. All costs for FCA applications are separate to the monthly fees.

Regulatory and Compliance Training

We have teamed with E3 for all regulatory training, covering GDPR, TCF, Anti Money Laundering to name but a few. The system is fun and enjoyable to use which makes regulatory training not quite as dull as it sounds!

The Broker Hub has been devised to give up the first step on the ladder to building your own brokerage.

Not only do we support you practically, with IT equipment etc but also emotionally and mentally through our mentoring service. Everything is designed so that you can focus on creating leads and deals quickly and not have to be worried about anything else.

If you are considering becoming a broker and starting your own business, then speak to a member of the team about joining our brokerage community.

Call The Broker Hub on 0208 135 9870.