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Are you an ambitious finance sales professional, looking to overcome the obstacles of building your own independent lending business?  The Broker Hub helps the over-achievers; achieve, supporting you – the motivated individual who consistently delivers against targets, maintains strong customer relationships but, just needs that extra bit of support to get your business going.  Whether you’re currently employed by a Funder or Broker, or have already taken the self-employed pathway, you may be just what we’re looking for.

The Broker Hub’s belief is that if you are not building your own dream, you’re building someone else’s which is far too often the case. We can give you the opportunity to change your own narrative, start your own business, and begin your own dream.

Need to know more?

Access to funding lines

Access to the funder ecosystem provides single-point access to multiple global funding institutions to give you the best opportunity to provide the most appropriate solutions for your customer/client.

Compliance oversight

Delivering upfront and ongoing regulatory oversight and monitoring minimizing the impact on your time allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Finance and budgeting support

From day one delivering appropriate rhythm and rigor to budgeting and delivering monthly management accounts ensuring your business remains on track.

HR and payroll services

Self-serve 24/7 HR environment, giving you and your team instant visibility to the required HR services and support.

Leading CRM and deal placement technology

Integrated automated marketing with CRM and our Deal placement technology is at the heart of what we do.

Founder support

KERV related

Website, Branding and Marketing support system

Upfront and ongoing, utilizing our automated technology to help you generate the maximum amount of leads in line with your strategy.